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We are the Danish Society in South Africa. Our aim is to preserve, maintain, promote and encourage Danish history, culture and language in South Africa. We estimate that 2500-3000 Danes currently live in South Africa.

Your little Denmark in South Africa

Danes and friends of Denmark can become members of the Danish Society, or if you wish, join us for our events from time to time. We aim to create real trademark hygge. Just like in Denmark.

Danish Culture, Language and Hygge

We organize events to celebrate Danish holidays, festivals and activities related to Danish traditions. Our Danish language and heritage is at the centre of this – for young and old.

Get involved

The Danish Society is always looking for active members who can help organize our events. If you feel like helping out, please contact us on this email address info@danish.co.za and tell us how you can help

Call to action - Donate your Danish Society pictures

Next year, in 2020, the Danish Society will turn 100 years. In preparation for this special anniversary we are looking for all sorts of pictures, memories and documentation that can help us to tell the story of Danish Society, now and then…Therefore please upload your pictures to us. Click “Upload” >>>>

The Kings Birthday Bingo Bash 2024








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Sponsor – Thank You

I would like to extend a special thank you to our generous sponsors who make it possible for us to arrange our member events.

Thank you for the gifts, prizes, sponsorships, logistical assistance and overall support.

Bo Nielsen

Chairman, Danish Society

Great Dane Sponsors

The Danish Society relies on a number of great sponsors who make it possible to run events and the association. We owe these sponsors a massive thank you for their involvement.

Danlink Ingredients

Represented by Carsten Hovgaard, Danlink is one of the loyal sponsors who always assist when needed.


Represented by Søren Nielsen, iJump is certainly our children’s favorite sponsor.

Scan Global Logisitics

Scan Global Logistics is the logistical partner of the Danish Society, making sure our Christmas lunch specialities are transported from Denmark to South Africa.

Steynsburg Pork

Represented by Bo Nielsen, Steynsburg Pork supports the Danish Society.

Sonja Smith Funeral Group

Represented by  Lianne Barlon, Sonja Smith Funeral is one of our loyal sponsors.


Chrismas Lunch, Fastelavn, Queens Birthday, Bingo, Nordic Sports Day and Sankt Hans Bonfire. And a few on the side.

Danish Language

We value and nurture our unique language by faciletating fun and educational events.

News & Networking

News and social media updates – from and for the Danish community. Knowledgesharing and networking opportinities

Heritage, Culture & Fun

We do not take our heritage for granted. We wish to protect and pass on our culture to the next generation in a fun and enjoyable way.

Smart registration

We use Payfast to process all online payments and online registration for all our events – easy and convenient. All event registration is online.

The Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund is a a charity fund managed by the Danish Society.

Christmas Lunch

The Danish christmas lunch is the highlight of the year for the Danish Society. We go all in to ensure a true and authentic lunch.

Nordic Sports Day

The Nordic sports day is a fun family oriented sports day where the Nordic countries come together to compete for the trophy. just like the vikings 1000 years ago.

Sankt Hans

Sankt Hans is our Johannesburg winter event as we celebrate Sankt Hans alongside everyone else in Denmark at the peak of the South African winter in July. The bonfire keeps is warm

Bingo / AGM

Our Annual General Meeting for the Society is normally followed by Bingo and Andespil with great prizes for the lucky. 

Queens Birthday

The Queens birthday is a traditional Danish Society event often combined with either bingo or the AGM.

Ad hoc Events

We take any opportunity – like soccer World Cup, Olympic Games, cultural events or visits from Denmark – to arrange a gathering.

Video presentation

Check out this little video montage about the Danish Society and the various events.

Danish Society

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